Workplace Yoga.

Belinda is passionate about offering yoga sessions to your team to support their commitment to health and wellbeing. Yoga can improve mental and physical health, reduce workplace stress, and also decrease absenteeism. With energy levels increased, your employees will be more productive and motivated to work.

How it works

Sessions can be customized for your workplace.
Classes are approx 30 – 55 minutes and can take place early morning, during lunch or after work. Often classes held at the workplace happen in a lunch room, empty office or meeting rooms. (Yoga mats & other props can be provided)

Program Options

A variety of classes are offered, from gentle and meditative to therapeutic or active. Together, Belinda and the company will understand the most appropriate offerings for your staff.

  • on-site classes, active or no sweat
  • beginners workshops
  • desk-side yoga
  • stress-management
  • headache and back-relief
  • meditation and breathing
  • custom lifestyle experiences
  • team retreats

Workplace Rates

Class Duration: 30-55 minutes, all can be modified to suit your needs

One-time Event: $150

6-Week Programs:
1x weekly $120.00 – $150.00 (per week) up to 20 students
2x weekly $200 – $250 (per week) up to 20 students

• Company-sponsored: company pays 100%
• Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost
• Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes

To improve attendance to yoga classes, Belinda can providea a strategy to communicate and announce the many benefits of yoga, class times and days through your internal communication platforms.

Note for Beginners

Concerned you’re not flexible enough to start yoga? Like there’s no way you could touch your toes. Maybe you’ve tried it, but felt overwhelmed – it was too much, too fast – and everyone else knew what to do, except you.

I get it…

We’ll start right at the very beginning and go step-by-step so you can learn the fundamentals of yoga.

  • You’ll progress at your own rate and get to experience all the proven benefits of yoga!
  • You’ll receive expert instruction, to begin your yoga journey with the knowledge, understanding and confidence, to make the most out of your time on the mat.
  • In each class, expect movement, mindful breathwork, guided relaxation and meditation, in a beautiful light-filled caring environment.
  • There isn’t a better time than now to connect with the practice of yoga.
  • And P.S. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes.

About Belinda

Belinda is known for empowering her students through compassionate, playful instruction, you’ll find a balance of strength and sweetness in her classes.

Belinda is one of the first yoga students to complete Nature Care’s Advanced Health & Yoga Diplomas nearly two decades ago under the tuition of Mark Breadner. She then went off to teach yoga under palm trees on tropical Hayman Island to guests, staff and primary school kids.

With island vibes, she set off back to the big smoke of Sydney, and for the past 12 years has been working alongside BodyMindLife, InYoga and Egg of the Universe. Belinda not only taught yoga, she also managed their studios, marketing for the sales of yoga teacher trainings, events, workshops and memberships.

Since becoming a mum Belinda understands that a yoga practice is something very personal and seasonal, just like the cycle of family life. She practiced and taught yoga throughout her pregnancy, and is able to share her own experiences with other mums-to-be.

Belinda is passionate about yoga and teaching in an inclusive and caring environment for all needs.

  • 500 Hours Advanced Health & Yoga Diploma – Nature Care Colleague
  • 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training – The Yin Space
  • 32 Hours Shakti Sadhana: Embodying the Sacred Feminine & Pre/Post Natal Teacher Training – Shiva Rea
  • 30 Hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – Janice Clairefield
  • 10 Hours Kids Yoga Workshop – Beth Borowsky
  • Fundamental Matwork Pilates Certified – Network Pilates
  • Registered Yoga Alliance E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500