Ready to launch your passion project and make an impact?

Welcome to Passion Project Fundamentals, a 8-week program that provides you with the tools and support needed to bring your heart-centric project to life.
Together, we’ll break down even the loftiest ideas into achievable wins, so you can explore what you’re capable of (hint: it’s more than you can imagine), make an impact, and spread your goodness into the world.


This program is for you if you are:

  • A Yoga Teacher, Healer, Coach, Health Professional or heart-centric business owner who feels overwhelmed by the lack of support and guidance in bringing your passion project to life
  • Struggling and confused with your concept and looking for more clarity on how to get it out of your brain and onto paper
  • Feeling ready to make an impact with your offering
  • Unsure how to get your offering in front of the right people at the right time
  • Looking for more freedom and ways to streamline your workflow with additional income
  • Spending precious time working on someone else’s biz/dream/bank account, instead of your own
  • Spending precious time struggling with analysis paralysis, tech overwhelm, decision fatigue, not knowing where to start…

Imagine this in 8 weeks time

  • You’ll be driving your passion project ideas into real life & launching them with confidence
  • Feel clearer about your offerings, your ideal client, your best-suited marketing platforms
  • You’ll have more freedom within your life – energetically, creatively and financially
  • You have overcome resistance, self-doubt, the fear of being judged, and limiting beliefs that have held you back – no more!
  • You’ve opened yourself to a world of possibility – one in which you’re strong, capable, confident and ready to share future offerings
  • You’ll have less stress when it comes to tackling big goals and projects, breaking them down into doable steps, and making decisions within your business
  • You’ll have a simple yet effective marketing & content plan to continue growing your audience for your passion projects

What’s included​

  • Weekly consultation
  • Email and phone support
  • An expert-developed, non traditional marketing and content plan
  • Expert feedback on your marketing and communication materials
  • Follow up action plans

Program breakdown

Phase 1

Develop your Magnetic Product Suite

Phase 2

Build/redefine your brand

Phase 3

Define or Redefine your website

Phase 4

Target Market Research​

Phase 5

Marketing & Content Plan​

Phase 6

Campaign Introduction

Phase 7

Sales & Comms

Phase 8

Implementation & Wrap Up

Investment and next steps

Step 1.

Book your complimentary 45-minute Clarity Call

Step 2.

Ready to move forward? Choose to pay-in-full or go with a flexible payment plan of 3x fortnightly installments

Step 3.

We kick off your 8 weeks (get ready to be amazed by how much you accomplish during this step-by-step process!)

Step 4.

You’re doing it! Through weekly consultations, email and phone support, a niche-specific marketing and content plan, expert feedback on your marketing and communication materials and follow up action plans, your project is taking shape and coming alive.

Step 5.

Time to implement and get your much-needed creation out into the world. I’m here to help you break your big dreams down into doable steps. I’ll keep the vision alive, support you, celebrate you, and remind you to show up for yourself every step of the way, so you can bring your passion project to life and share it with the world.


Option 1

  • Save money by paying in full
  • One upfront payment of AU$1,650

Option 2

  • Flexible payment plan
  • 4 x fortnightly instalments of AU$440
  • Rachel StanleyRachel StanleyCEO of Run180, Physiotherapist and Run Coach

    “Startups, humans that are trying to do their own thing! One of Belinda’s tag-lines is ‘from concept through creative to digital vibrancy’ which means, if you need help with your business in terms of getting ideas out of your brain onto paper, mapped out, created and then brought to life, Bel is your girl. Bel I love you, you know I thank you all the time. For any of you out there thinking of starting with Bel, give me a call, contact me through Run180"

  • Mel McLaughlinMel McLaughlinThe Yin Space

    Working with Belinda (my marketing bestie!) has brought to life something I couldn’t see the big picture of .. I knew my part and created it with love and passion and then … got stuck .. in real time – in my head – in the logistics, then 12 weeks later a launch of my first passion project that’s been idling in the wings for over 2 years. Nothing was unfiguroutable to Bel and I feel she blended marketing, coaching and at those wobbly times even a wise backstop. As Lao tzu said … ‘ every journey starts with a single step’ and my first step to realising an offering that was close to my heart was to work closely with Bel

  • Natalie RistoskiNatalie RistoskiOwner Living Flow Yoga

    Today we are up to 37 classes per week.
Belinda upgraded all of my systems, templates, newsletter and software meaning I could focus on what really mattered and the business has grown beyond what I had imagined!
Thank you Belinda for your support, guidance and enthusiasm!

  • Catherine PampallisCatherine PampallisBreath Coach – Beautiful Heart Yoga

    I really enjoyed the passion project with Bel. I was struggling to bring my breath coaching program out into the world. I had all the tools but no confidence, a lot of fear and self doubt, which led to a decrease in my motivation to get the work done. Bel was a great addition in my life at the time, keeping me accountable over the 8 weeks for the work that needed doing and helping me build back my confidence by listening to my concerns, shining light on the limiting beliefs (that we all have/are so normal when starting out) which helped motivate me to move forward rather than stay stuck in a belief loop that wasn’t serving me. She also showed me a healthy way to structure the business and effective tools for marketing (loved the google drive templates provided!). I would definitely recommend her passion project program to anyone who is feeling stuck and in need of some clear direction in growing their business. Thank you Bel!

  • Jaime HoganJaime HoganRegenerative Design & Wellbeing Consultant, Place Philosophy

    “When I first reached out I was struggling with a feeling of overwhelm – I had a murky dream, and I wasn’t really sure how to express it or bring it to life. I couldn’t really even fully understand the dream myself.
    With your support and the step by step process that Passion Project Fundamentals took me through, I was able to clarify what this dream looked like, and start to be able to speak it into the world.
    I felt clearer about my offerings, who my target audience is, and how to actually create a marketing plan to take the stress out of social media!
    But beyond all of that – the encouragement and your absolute dedication as a cheerleader gave me the courage to put myself out there, and to start to really do this thing! Without your support, and your asking me to continue to show up, I wouldn’t have been able to bring this to life. I really needed the accountability – and who better than yourself, you are so full of passion for this work, and your ability to see the bigger picture, to invite me to get out of my own way, has been exactly what I needed.
    If I had to sum up what working with you is like in one word – evolutionary. You have helped me to grow more courageous and to back myself!
    If a friend asked me, I would say – “Dive in! Working with Bel is like having your own personal cheerleader to help you develop the skills to bring your much needed work into the world. She’ll walk with you through your fears, and she’ll help you jump the hurdles – but most importantly, she’ll help you clarify your message so that your people can find you! For my first webinar that I ran, I had 125 people sign up – this was all Bel’s idea and support to help me design, advertise and deliver this event!”

  • Beth BorowskyBeth BorowskyCEO The Karma Class

    “We’ve been working with Belinda for over a year now, Belinda is an absolute joy to work with I love her enthusiasm, I love her willingness to listen to our needs and then try to create campaigns where she’s meeting those needs and we’re meeting them. She’s also willing to learn new things and broaden her knowledge which is refreshing and very appreciated and as I said at the start she is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.”