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Are you ready to confidently broadcast your passion project to the world?

This 6 Week Digital Marketing Package is designed to scale your business with advertising, broadcasting your passion project, so that you turn your following into people who will actually pay you to be in your creative zone.

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By morphing two careers, I’ve had 20 years in the Wellness & Marketing Industry. From a previous career in publishing, for some of Sydney’s high end publishing companies, I went on to become a full time yoga teacher and a decade ago I morphed both careers together. Working closely with the owners, management team and yoga teaching team I can proudly say I’ve had an integral part in expanding the businesses, through sales and marketing, of four of Sydney’s most prestigious yoga studios; BodyMindLife Yoga, InYoga, Egg Of The Universe & Living Flow Yoga. 

I’ve since found a fond passion in supporting my own clients who are yoga teachers and wellness professionals in a one to one consulting environment, helping bring their offerings to digital vibrancy, while we explore new income streams moving them towards more freedom in their lives.

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If you're ready for all this then 'Passion Project Broadcaster' is for you.

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“Startups, humans that are trying to do their own thing! My name is Rachel and I have a startup called Run180, it’s all about making running easy. One of Belinda’s tag-lines is ‘from concept through creative to digital vibrancy’ which means, if you need help with your business in terms of getting ideas out of your brain onto paper, mapped out, created and then brought to life, Bel is your girl. Bel I love you, you know I thank you all the time, you’ve just magicked me out of yet another situation. Thank you darling, and for any of you out there thinking of starting with Bel, give me a call, contact me through Run180, happy to talk to you about Bel’s genius, it’s a strong recommendation everyone.”
Rachel Stanley, Google’s Physiotherapist, Run Coach and CEO of Run180

“We’ve been working with Belinda for over a year now, Belinda is an absolute joy to work with I love her enthusiasm, I love her willingness to listen to our needs and then try to create campaigns where she’s meeting those needs and we’re meeting them. She’s also willing to learn new things and broaden her knowledge which is refreshing and very appreciated and as I said at the start she is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.” 
Beth Borowsky, CEO The Karma Class

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