Come explore the world of lucid dreaming and unlock a new vision for yourself and your future!

For you if:

1. You have the desire to explore something new and exciting

2. You’re looking for direction in life, with a longing for a deeper connection to self and the world

3. Desiring to gain clarity and insight into your life, but feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices available and uncertain which path to take.

4. Feeling a lack of creativity or joy in life, with a need to be inspired and find new ways to express yourself.

5. Looking to access a more restful and restorative state of mind

6. Feeling unfulfilled, with a need to access greater potential and possibilities within yourself.

If any of the above resonates with you, I invite you to join me! The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of Lucid Dreaming, as well as give you the opportunity to explore how it can help you gain insight into your life and how to start crafting your dreams into reality.


The workshop will include:

  • Practical exercises to help you access and explore the power of your dreaming mind.
  • Guided visualisations to help you access the dream state and explore potential new paths for your life.
  • Discussion and Q&A on how to use the power of Lucid Dreaming to gain insight into yourself and craft your dreams into reality.No prior experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Saturday, 8th April, 7pm AEST


A little about me, Belinda, your dream guide:

I‘m a passionate marketer and lucid dreamer. I love helping heartcentric business owners, and health professionals stay in their zone of genius and get the creative freedom they deserve. I‘m also passionate about helping others explore their inner power and spiritual gifts, and use lucid dreaming to create meaningful change in their lives. I‘m creative and committed to selfdiscovery. I embody freedom, creativity, and the power to manifest our dreams into reality.